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L drago destroy

L Drago Destroy F:S


L Drago Destroy F:S
 is an Attack-Type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. It is owned by Ryuga and is the evolution of Meteo L-Drago LW105LF. It was released on April 23, 2011 in Japan.
L Drago Destroy F:S
L-Drago Destroy F-S.jpg
Number:BB-108 (Japanese)
Face Bolt:L Drago
4D Energy Ring:None
Fusion Wheel:L Drago Destroy
4D Performance Tip:F:S
First Appearance: (Anime)L Drago Destroy
First Appearance: (Manga)Chapter 31



    Face Bolt: L Drago IIIEdit  sectionEdit

    The Face Bolt shows L-Drago which symbolizes the constellation Draco. The design is the same as the Meteo L-Drago Face Bolt with the difference being a lighter blue hue. It also makes L-Drago show both of its hands to makes it look more ferocious

    Fusion Wheel: L-Drago DestroyEdit  sectionEdit

    Metal FrameEdit  sectionEdit

    • Weight: 37.9 grams
    The Metal Frame is made completly out of metal. It is shaped as a Lightning L-Drago Energy Ring in that it shows three dragon heads in a circular motion. The Metal Frame can also be rotated 180 degress just as the previous L-Dragos in order to change between two modes, "Attack Mode" and "Absorb Mode". However, it is relatively light as a 4D Fusion Wheel, even with the Core.

    CoreEdit  sectionEdit

    • Weight: 5.8 grams
    The Core is somewhat of a large Energy Ring that is blue and includes a rubber disc. The rubber disc is used for spin-stealing and shock-absorb.
    'Attack: 6 - Defense: 5 - Stamina: 3 - Absorb - 6

    4D Performance Tip: Final SurviveEdit  sectionEdit

    • Weight: 5.7 grams
    Final Survive acts as HF/S, but it is automatic. At first it acts like Hole Flat and then ends at Sharp when it starts to lose its Stamina. The Final Survive Performance Tip may also cause the Bey to crash on the stadium's ridges so that it could hit the opposing Bey in the middle or anywhere else in the stadium. It has no competitive value because when it changes to sharp mode, it loses its balance very easily due to the high height of the Final Survive. due to this, some people call this tip Final Suicide.
    HF Attack: 5 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 4
    Attack: 0 - Defense: -6 - Stamina: 4

    BeastEdit Beast sectionEdit

    L Drago Destroy Beast
    English TranslationN/A
    English Dub NameN/A
    First Appearance (Anime)N/A
    First Appearance (Manga)N/A
    The Beast form resembles a chinese dragon but engulfed in flames.

    AnimeEdit Anime sectionEdit

    Metal Fight Beyblade 4DEdit Metal Fight Beyblade 4D sectionEdit

    On Zarkan Island, an island in Indonesia, Ryuga gets confronted by Gingka and Co. Ryuga and Kyoya have a battle and he defeats Kyoya with his new Bey, L Drago Destroy F:S whom he obtained when Meteo L-Drago was hit by a piece of the star fragment and Meteo L-Drago transformed into Ldrago Destroy F:S and when battling Fang Leone Ldrago was knocked into the island's volcano and caused ldrago to grow even stronger because it was fused with the island's fiery lava.
    After defeating Kyoya, Gingka challenegs him to a battle so he can help in the quest for the Legend Bladers but ultimately, Gingka loses. He then battles Yuki and although Yuki seems to be winning, Ryuga manages to beat Yuki.

    Other VersionsEdit Other Versions sectionEdit

    • L Drago Destroy DF105LRF (Gold Armored Ver.) - Has a gold Energy Ring with a new engraved L-Drago Face Bolt design that is 3.5 grams heavier than original Face Bolt. The Energy Ring also appears to have more designs than stickers where it is inserted into the Launcher.

    GalleryEdit Gallery sectionEdit

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